SNES Generation

by Alex Roe



SNES Generation is a series of arrangements and covers of modern game music composed to the limitations of the Super Nintendo. Each game is paired with one from the SNES that was either from the same series or they shared similar gameplay and sounds.

I encourage everyone to download for free. However if you feel like throwing a donation I would be very grateful to you!

Edit - Some of the choices of the paired titles may seem odd to some. I explained some of the choices and sources used in each of the songs' descriptions but I'll write a couple here. For example Assassin's Creed and Chrono Trigger to me shared themes of time travel, apocalypse and interesting eras. Where as Skyrim and Secret of Evermore were both composed by Jeremy Soule and he even created the games' samples. This has been a fun experiment though and was enjoyable. If I do this again I will definitely give fans more of what they want.


released November 10, 2013

This album is presented by SNESology. SNESology is a group that aims to bring out new Super Nintendo music using sounds from amazing classics, made by talented artists. Check out SNESology at the following links:

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